Name : nexus IP : (yuck!)
Model : home made Manufacturer : me
CPU : Intel Pentium Frequency : 100Mhz
Memory : 32M Cache : 16k L1, 256k L2
Disk : 1G2 Interface : EIDE
Performances (Dhrystone 2) : 129 034 (groovy) Original price : $170 (mid 2000)
Power consumption : low Noise : none. No fans. just the hard drive noise. The CPU heatsink is oversized, and the PSU (a high quality PSU from SunPower) is vertically-mounted to enable natural convection. No box.
OS : OpenBSD 2.7 (u said secure?) Usage : DSL line access (PPTP), NAT server, Firewall (IPFilter), HTTP server, Samba sharing, DNS server, gateway/router between 3 local networks, MRTG Thermal and network monitoring, netboot server for annex, campus and vixen, secondary mass-downloader, internet radio tuner, always on. Busy, isn't it ?
Remarks : Runs 24/24. It's amazing what you can do with cheap PC hardware...
No keyboard, no screen, but a little control panel plugged on the parallel port
Todo : Put a bigger disk, upgrading OpenBSD.

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