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Name : annex IP :
Model : Annex Manufacturer : Encore
CPU : National Semiconductor 32016 Frequency : ?
Memory : ~1M Cache : ?
Disk : none. Boots on nexus Interface : N/A
Performances (Dhrystone 2) : ? Original price : $5000 in mid 80's
Power consumption : ~100W Noise : too much (old tired fan)
OS : Annex-UX R4.1 Usage : consoles/terminals hub. The Annex can interconnect 16 serial ports with an ethernet interface, both ways (e.g. network access with a tty, or console access from the network). Has even SLIP capabilities.
Remarks : Huge historical value. This it the very first Encore Annex model, before the Xylogics era. Annexes survived the ttys era, and are still sold and are used in small ISPs and colocation centers for console management. Todo : Change the fan, connect more consoles.

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