Name : vixen, erudit_2 (its original name) IP :
Model : VAXserver 4000-200 (Spitfire) in BA440 enclosure Manufacturer : Digital
CPU : KA660 (CMOS) Frequency : 30Mhz
Memory : 16M Cache : 6k L1
Disk : 3x RF31 (3x 380M) + TK70 tape Interface : DSSI
Performances (Dhrystone 2) : 9 307 Original price : at least $50 000 by the end 80's
Power consumption : PSU rated 850W, but consumes much less Noise : Fantastic power-up sequence noise (Fan test + disks test seeks)
OS : VMS (yuck bleach), NetBSD 1.5  (netboot on nexus) Usage : air blower, nerd ego booster (the "I have a VAX" syndrome)
Remarks : Funky hardware, great historic value Todo : still waiting for the NetBSD DSSI support to boot NetBSD on its own disks

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