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Name : saturne IP :
Model : 3/260 (Sirius) Manufacturer : Sun Microsystems
CPU : Motorola 68020 Frequency : 25Mhz
Memory : 24M (3x 8M VME boards, 2 Sun, 1 ClearPoint) Cache : 64k L2. First UNIX workstation with an off-chip cache.
Disk : 2x 180M ESDI disks on an Emulex ESDI/SCSI controller. 1/4" QIC24 tape drive. Interface : SCSI (Sun-2)
Performances (Dhrystone 2) : 7 017 (ouch) Original price : around $50000 in late 80's
Power consumption : At least 800W. Estimated current on the +5V line : 110A Noise : loud. 8 big fans plus 2 old disks...
OS : SunOS 4.1 (because NetBSD does not support the Sun-2 SCSI controller) Usage : heater. Hair blower. Table.
Remarks : there is also a mysterious VME board, a FG-101 frame grabber from Imaging Technologies. If you have any info on it, email me.
The saturne VME crate contains also two 3/60 : callisto and titan.
Ironically, Saturn is also known in the Greek mythology to eat its childrens. Strange coincidence.
Todo : Still waiting for the NetBSD Sun-2 support. Investigate the FG-101

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